Coder • React Developer • UI Engineer


Continuos development and integration while transitioning the codebase to the consultancy's client. Responsible for delivering and documenting features to AA standards for a large responsive application in a complex SAFe (scaled Agile) environment in its last stages focusing on code optimisation for a long-term evolution, maintainability and website loading time, mentoring client's developers while overseeing the transfer of knowledge, tools, code infrastructure, processes and enforcing the best practices, travelling to take part in client's team meetings and to peer review the code. Attending sprint and design planning meetings, articulating design ideas to the UX team helping to estimate MVP delivery times and potential cost reducing alternatives.

React.js (for Sitecore back end), Grunt, Gitbash, CSS (SASS) using BEM naming conventions, including SVG graphics and CSS3 animations, GIT, Jira, Confluence, Sourcetree, Beyond Compare diff utility, Visual Studio Professional, Unicorn, SIM, Google Lighthouse, automated testing.

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